Our core values


Intaso Core Value Quality


We believe that the quality of our service is vital to providing a great experience for our network. With this in mind we do a deep vetting of our contacts where everyone we represent is met, technically assessed and referenced putting your mind at ease that the quality of a shortlist is not compromised. 


Every contact of ours is in need of a bespoke service, not one size fits all right….especially in security. We have a unique set of offerings and approaches tailored to every organisation.


Intaso Core Value Inovation
Intaso Core Value Inclusion


This is so important in our industry not just modern society, we certainly do not discriminate and have built several diverse security functions on behalf of our clients. We are firm believers that everyone has a right opportunity for them out there and it is our job to find it!   


Integrity is something you can expect from your initial engagement with Intaso. We are extremely open and honest with our network and know this is vital to gain trust and to provide a truly remarkable service. 

Intaso Core Value Integrity
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