Cyber Security Sales Practice

Cyber Security Sales Specialist

About our Cyber Security Sales Practice

Our Cyber Security Sales Practice supports cyber security Vendors (Listed and Pre-IPO), GSIs and Partners to appoint mid-executive revenue generating professionals. This is made up of four pillars, consisting of; Customer Success, Sales Engineering, Business Development and Executive Leadership.

We source skilled sales talent for a wide range of roles including:

  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Sales Director / VP
  • Sales Engineer / Manager / Director
  • Enterprise Sales Manager
  • Channel Sales Manager / Director
  • Customer Success Manager / Director

Who we work with

Can’t find a suitable candidate for a sales role, not sure what skills are needed or what to look for? We are experts are recruiting top cyber security sales talent and placing them in the perfect role. We aim to build a strong relationship built on trust, openness and quality.

We work closely with cyber security organisations who are looking to fill senior sales roles. Whether it is for an early stage solution looking to recruit their first sales professional / regional team or a large international organisation who need a Sales Director, our team of experts can help.

If you are looking for top sales talent in security we can help. Get in contact with us now and we can help you hire the best talent available.

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